Skit Videos

SoundOFF has a long history of comedy skit videos. Scott has create a few videos recently.

When the explanation was given that the man thought reasonable for deflating Patriots’ footballs was called “The Deflator” because of his weight loss, that explanation seemed ripe for the picking.

And then Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone, so a new part of the exercise system was added called Game of Phones:

Bet Ya House has been a segment Scott has been doing for the Murph & Andy Radio Show that satirizes the ridiculousness of many sports betting “experts.” Well, it has become such a popular segment, Keith Murphy and Scott thought it would work well as a video segment on SoundOFF.

So Scott created the over the top character of Benny Babcock to help the world beat Vegas and win an extra house…or at least start a new catch phase: BET YA HOUSE!

First skit video Scott ever did was with the legendary Cornhusker fan, Cooter Ray Cornholer. In this video, Scott played the Nebraska Nice Guy and, of course, poked fun at Nebraska.