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The Life of a Document

Iowa Filmmakers teamed up with Workiva to create this comedy video about version control.

I had fun playing all these different versions of “Doc.”

Benny Babcock’s #BetYaHouse

Bet Ya House has been a segment I’ve been doing for the Murph & Andy Radio Show on Friday’s since the fall that satirizes the ridiculousness of many sports betting “experts.” Well, it has become such a popular segment, Keith Murphy and I thought it would work well as a video segment on SoundOFF.

So we created the over the top character of Benny Babcock to help the world beat Vegas and win an extra house…or at least start a new catch phase: BET YA HOUSE!

Rave Reviews for “MACBETH”

The reviews are in for Goldfinch Theater Company’s production of Macbeth!

Thank you to cast and crew for all the hard work on this show.

For more info, check out the Goldfinch Theater Company’s Facebook page.

Des Moines Register: ‘Macbeth’ packs a dramatic punch

CityView: Iowa Nice in a cage match


Iowa Nice Guy’s bid for Governor

Today, our team released the Iowa Nice Guy’s announcement video for his mock run at the governorship of Iowa. Though, the Iowa Nice Guy is not a real person, the issue of low voter turnout is a real problem.

Get out and vote!


The Epic Iowa Road Trip criss-crossed Iowa over 9 days.

We stopped at over 60 destinations and the video playlist below proves how much fun we had.

New Video: Hey Cancer

When my father, Terry “Zip” Siepker, lost his second battle with leukemia, I wanted to find a unique, humorous way to honor him.

“Hey Cancer” is that way.

We have all had to fight cancer directly or indirectly, my hope is that ‘Hey Cancer’ makes us all laugh and reminds us that human ingenuity in tandem with human resolve will eventually win this fight permanently.

I encourage any cancer charities to use ‘Hey Cancer’ on their websites, social media, or for any fund raising means. Only when we all pool our resources will we conquer cancer.

Thank you to all those who helped make this video (that would have made my dad laugh).

NEW VIDEO: Fred Hoiberg makes a cameo

At this moment, there is no Iowan who is more beloved than Iowa State Men’s Basketball Coach Fred Hoiberg.

Fred was kind of enough to make a cameo in our lastest video “Love Letters to Fred Hoiberg Part 2.”

The Des Moines Register called Fred’s cameo “hilarious.”

A big thank you to Fred and his lovely wife, Carol, for allowing us to come to their home to film our silly video. Hoiberg

In case you have missed the orginial “Love Letters” video, here it is:

Iowa Nice Guy Shirts

Be one of the first to own the official Iowa Nice Guy T-Shirt! CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW!ia-nice-2

It’s been a joy to work on these designs from concept to completion with Eight Seven Central, a Des Moines based small business located in the East Village.

The intention is to have an entire line of Iowa Nice Guy shirts. The next shirts will poke fun at other states and schools.

First up are our friends at the University of Nebraska and the state of Oklahoma.














Stay tuned as more original Iowa Nice Guy shirts will be coming out soon!

Wrestling Nice

Wrestling Nice is the fifth original format Iowa Nice Guy video. It follows Iowa Nice, Hawkeye Nice, Cyclone Nice, and Justice Nice.

There is no doubt that wrestling should be in the Olympics. I am confident that on September 8th, wrestling will be voted back into the Olympics. But we are not there yet.

It is important we make sure the earlier vote, that removed Wrestling from the games, is the best thing to happen to wrestling in a long time.

I think it is already happening: The governing bodies have, and continue to, improve the rules and the reach of the sport. Wrestling is a fundamental sport to our species. It’s the second competition you do as a child after you learn to run. Lucky for me, I was the oldest and my brother never stood a chance.

Thank you to the dozens of people who have made Wrestling Nice. And even more to the dozens who have contributed (almost always as volunteers) to all our other videos as we continue to figure out how to use this medium to deliver a message and tell a story.

Where Are We Now?

Since my last blog entry there has been a up tick in progress that our film company, Iowa Filmmakers, has made. With the release of Hawkeye Nice and Cyclone Nice, ESPN’s Dari Nowkhah and Baron Miller took note and asked us to produce original content twice a week for the ESPNU show College Football Daily. You can view all these here.

This ESPN development resulted in not only national exposure but local interest as well. The CBS affiliates in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids each did stories on the progress we have been making as a film company and what our plans are for the future.

So what are our plans for the future?

1) We have released our new web series, a campy comedy called “Animal Justice League.” You can watch it now by clicking HERE. We are already in the pre-production stage for episode two.

2) Though we are committed to staying in Iowa, we are looking to get representation to enlarge the reach of Iowa Filmmakers through the country and the world. More on this to come soon.

3) Our TV pilot, Marooned, is still the flagship project of Iowa Filmmakers. We are pursuing a distribution model that allows us to produce the entirety of season one.

4) Exciting news to announce that company member and my good friend, Brendan Dunphy, has signed deals to host a variety of science based television shows with both Discover Science and the BBC.

You can check out the first of his Discover Science show, “Insects and the City” on December 8th. In this episode, Brendan travels down to New Orleans to search through the city for the creepiest, deadliest insects around.

Brendan’s BBC specials will be airing shortly as well: One about insect dissection and the other about the ant world.

5) Emmy nominated Iowa Outdoors has now received funding for a THIRD SEASON. I am very excited for this one, it will be our biggest and best yet.

This last month of 2012 will propel us into an even more eventful 2013. Thank you to all those that support three guys with a dream to make dreams come true in Iowa.