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First National Commercial

MARSHALLTOWN (in conjunction with Lowe’s) asked us to produce a commercial that aired during NBC Sports Network’s broadcast of NASCAR’s Hollywood 400.

RVTV 2017

RVTV continues to be one of the high lights of my year. I love getting to do video essays on small town Iowa. Here’s the history of Slater which happens to be the town I got my first job after college:

Here’s links to all my video essays of this year’s tour:  Iowa’s Glacier History (Lake Panorama), History of Slater (Slater), Kate Shelley Story (Boone), Founding of Humboldt (Humboldt), RVTV 2017 Review (Ames).

No Coast

No Coast Banner







I’m so excited to open this original comedy by Mike Draper at the Viking Theater on the campus of Grand View University. Not only is this play funny, it has nice heart, and an engaging story.

Get your tickets now at

Playing the lead character of Nick Strietman is a blast! Come on out to see this wonderful production!

Scott No Coast

What is Sweet Corn?

In this video, in an effort to show the difference between field corn and sweet corn, I taste both.

Or…try to…

History of Chariton

RVTV 2016 was another successful road trip. Thank you to Winterset, Mt. Ayr, Chariton, Albia, and Bondurant for bringing their communities together for the days we visited their towns.

You can see all of my video essays here, but my favorite one starred the undeniably likable Dr. Frank Mitchel.

The Native Fund

The Native Fund is a non-profit started by Ashton Kutcher and Dallas Clark to provide disaster relief to Iowans when Mother Nature strikes. I was flattered and excited when The Native Fund asked me to put together a quick promo video for their fund raising concert, The Back Porch Revival.

Niang for Mayor

In this video I try to convince All-American Cyclone basketball player Georges Niang to take over the moniker of ‘Mayor of Ames’ from Fred Hoiberg.

This video was posted online by USA Today, Sports Illustrated, and CBS Sports after being released through the Des Moines Register.

Our Cubs

As a life long Cubs fan, I’ve been wanting to do a video about the Lovable Losers for some time. That time has arrived as we head into a season where the Cubs are in the odd position of favorites to win.


In a special Hawk Central Rose Bowl video, I shared the story of Hawkerella, “a scrappy team that was known to work hard all day” and their fairy tale 12-1 season that culminates in the Jan. 1, 2016, Rose Bowl.

This video originally was posted on

College Football Eye Test Explained

Here’s our comedy video, guest starring Aaron Smith, on the so called “eye test” in college football ahead of the Big Ten Championship match up with Iowa and Michigan State. Pay close attention or you might miss my favorite Nebraska joke.

The script was written by myself & Nick Renkoski and edited by Bryan Johnson.

This video originally was posted to

Nebraska Nice Guy replies to Iowa Nice Guy

Someone calling himself “Nebraska Nice Guy” mailed a VHS tape to SoundOff. “Nebraska Nice Guy” wrote in a handwritten letter, with many misspellings and grammatical errors, that this is his answer to Iowa Nice Guy and the disrespect shown Big Red.

There was no return address on the manila envelope, which came with postage due.

Nebraska Insults from Iowa Nice Guy: Greatest Hits, Vol 1

For years, Iowa Nice Guy has been insulting the worst state in the Union with ease and joy. In anticipation of the Black Friday match up between the undefeated Hawkeyes and the unintelligent Bugeaters, here is Volume One of the Iowa Nice Guy’s greatest Nebraska insults.

Tell your kids about the SEC Myth

Our latest comedy video, is a reply to “Joe Talks to his Kids about an Undefeated Iowa.”

Now with over 500,000 views on YouTube, it is one of our most successful videos having reached Sportscenter,, USA Today, the front page of Reddit, and many other radio, TV, and internet sites across the country.

RVTV 2015

The WHO-HD tradition of traveling around the state of Iowa the week of the CyHawk game continued this year and I was lucky enough to be invited along.

Besides assisting on camera for the live shots during the newscast, I was also tasked with finding a quirky story from each town we stopped.

Here are my stories: Greenfield’s County Seat War, Who is Humboldt named for?, Webster City is unexpected, and History of CyHawk Game.

I’m most proud of my piece from my hometown:

A Solider’s Play

Along side a engaging ensemble, it is a joy to play (the beardless) Captain Charles Taylor in Charles Fuller’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, “A Soldier’s Play,” which the Des Moines Register and Cityview recommend you see.

Soldier's Play with quote

This has been a fun process that has resulted in an highly entertaining 2 hours.

Come on out to see this thrilling murder mystery set on an army base in World War II!



Co-Hosting SoundOff

When I was a teenager watching WHO-TV 13 Sports SoundOff, it never crossed my mind that one day Keith Murphy would ask me to sub in as co-host for him.

And in case you are wondering, reading a teleprompter live on television is harder than you might think.

Thank you Keith Murphy, John Sears, and everyone at WHO-TV for this opportunity.


Love Letters to Fred Hoiberg Part 3

With the news that Fred Hoiberg is leaving Iowa State to take his dream job as head coach of the Chicago Bulls, we thought it would make sense for the Iowa Nice Guy to send him off in style and give the city of Chicago a little insight into what type of man they had in their head coach.

The Chicago Sun-Times and WGN-TV took our video and passed it along to Chicago.

The Life of a Document

Iowa Filmmakers teamed up with Workiva to create this comedy video about version control.

I had fun playing all these different versions of “Doc.”

Benny Babcock’s #BetYaHouse

Bet Ya House has been a segment I’ve been doing for the Murph & Andy Radio Show on Friday’s since the fall that satirizes the ridiculousness of many sports betting “experts.” Well, it has become such a popular segment, Keith Murphy and I thought it would work well as a video segment on SoundOFF.

So we created the over the top character of Benny Babcock to help the world beat Vegas and win an extra house…or at least start a new catch phase: BET YA HOUSE!

Rave Reviews for “MACBETH”

The reviews are in for Goldfinch Theater Company’s production of Macbeth!

Thank you to cast and crew for all the hard work on this show.

For more info, check out the Goldfinch Theater Company’s Facebook page.

Des Moines Register: ‘Macbeth’ packs a dramatic punch

CityView: Iowa Nice in a cage match